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Stamp Duty Holiday – Save up to £30,000!!

7th August 2020

The last time the government implemented a Stamp Duty Holiday was 2008 following the financial crisis. Fortunately, it happens more regularly than Halley’s Comet, but still rare enough to encourage us to take advantage of the saving.

All properties under £500,000 are now exempt of Stamp Duty; this equates to a maximum saving of £15,000. To benefit from this offer, you will need to complete on the purchase by 31 March 2021.

For a limited time* ERL will match your Stamp Duty savings by the same amount**. On the purchase of a £500,000 property, you would save £15,000 on the Stamp Duty and then get a further £15,000 cashback resulting in a potential total saving to you of £30,000.

View Mount Battenhall savings or browse Mount Battenhall properties.

View The Red House savings or browse The Red House properties.

*Please check with the individual village for terms and conditions.

**Only available on New Builds.

Stamp duty saving offer