Land acquisition

Enterprise Retirement Living has funding to back an ambitious growth plan. We have many years’ experience as developers and operators.

All opportunities are considered on their merit, including both unconditional and conditional purchases, as well as joint ventures.

We offer competitive land values and planning advantages which include:

  • Rapid decision making
  • C2 use class, which typically means no affordable housing or CIL to maximise land value
  • Local and political support for a use which is seen as a good neighbour, with limited traffic impact, is high quality, creates many jobs, and which provides a crucial housing option for our rapidly ageing demographic
  • Reduces demand on the NHS and has the potential to significantly improve the wellbeing of residents

Land requirement:

  • UK-wide
  • Towns and cities which are attractive to our residents
  • 4-8 acres, but smaller sites considered in more central locations where higher density is possible
  • Suitable for 80 to 120+ units
  • Conversion or new-build
  • In or on the edge of town/city
  • Local sales values of £350ft2

Please contact us if you know of any sites which may be suitable:

Peter Martin MRICS, Development & Commercial Consultant

07836 794782

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