Coronavirus Safety Measures

At ERL, the safety and well-being of all our Owners/Occupiers, visitors and staff is of paramount importance to us. To this end, various measures have been in place throughout the pandemic and continue to be reviewed for everyone’s protection.

Our Business Continuity Plans have always included procedures on controlling outbreaks of infectious diseases. These procedures have been expanded to embrace the Government’s and other authorities’ Covid-specific guidance, and all staff have been trained accordingly.

The ways in which we aim to ensure everyone is kept safe include:

  • Controlling access to the villages; all visitors are required to have their temperature taken.
  • Allowing as much fresh air as possible to pass through communal areas (and encouraging our Owners/Occupiers to do the same).
  • Increasing the cleaning schedules for the communal areas and, now they are reopened, the hospitality facilities.
  • Providing continual supplies of hand-sanitisers and PPE for our team members.
  • Carrying out additional cleaning to Guest Suites once family and friends have departed.
  • Operating our salons strictly by appointment, with staff wearing full PPE.
  • Encouraging everyone to practise social-distancing at all times.
  • Encouraging everyone to wear face masks, if possible and when necessary, but respecting people’s personal choice on this and other protection measures.

As mentioned above, we keep all these procedures under constant review and update them as necessary, and will act on any Government and other experts’ advice that may be issued. Of course, we hope that, in due course, they will no longer be necessary, but we will remain vigilant for as long as it takes.