Boughton Hall, Chester

Thank You Hampers

2nd September 2020

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, ERL were unable to meet with the Boughton Hall Owners at the end of August as previously arranged. This was disappointing to all concerned, so we had a think about what we could do to brighten up their day.

By way of a huge ‘thank you’ for the Owner’s continued support and resilience in the face of this pandemic and the challenges it brings to our everyday lives, we hand delivered each apartment a hamper of goodies.

The Owners were delighted, and the comments received were greatly appreciated.

“It is much appreciated and thoughtful and certainly has brightened a rather damp, dull late summer day. I, along with other owners, am relieved to be living at Boughton Hall during this strange time and congratulate everyone who has worked hard to keep us virus free over so many months.”

“Just a note of thanks for the splendid hamper, just the sort of luxuries one likes to have but never buys for oneself. I know this is presented as a thank you gift from ERL, and please pass on my gratitude to them. Of course, life has been difficult over these past months, but that is certainly not the fault of ERL or of the staff here at Boughton Hall. In fact, the thanks should be the other way – you have done so much to ensure our safety and to alleviate the discomforts which the varying degrees of lockdown have brought.”

“What a delightful surprise to receive such an exciting hamper of ‘goodies’ from ERL. It has indeed been and continues to be a testing time for everyone, however, the situation has been so much more tolerable here at Boughton Hall thanks to the management and staff whose empathy is palpable. We send thanks and kind regards to yourself and your staff.”