Boughton Hall, Chester

The Lone Rangers

4th April 2022

Let me introduce ‘The Lone Rangers’, Peter Stanley and Michael Melville; they both reside independently on the top floor of the Rowton building in our retirement village at Boughton Hall. Peter is 88 years young (a retired management consultant) and Michael is 84 years old (a retired airline pilot), both recently widowed.

What do they have in common? Despite a gloomy January and news channels full of negativity these gentlemen enjoy spreading a little joy and cheer. Read on to see how they do this.

The Walk

The gentlemen meet for a daily walk, where they proceed from Boughton Hall towards Christleton Road and then on to Dee Banks where they admire the views across the river Dee. The route then takes a turn around the houses on to Stocks Lane.

What you can be sure of, if you meet these two when you are out in your local community, is a friendly ‘hello’, a smile, a chat, a drop of kindness which makes the world a better place.

As well as improving the spirit of the local community you can find them beautifying it too, as Michael generously clips overgrown hedges and picks up the litter enroute.

A big thank you to Gaye Stanley who accompanied Peter and Michael and wrote this wonderful article.