The Red House, Ripon

Enjoy the best of both worlds at The Red House

5th June 2024

Life in an Enterprise Retirement Living (ERL) village really does offer the best of both worlds.

Buyers and renters alike enjoy the independence and privacy of living in their own beautifully-appointed cottage or apartment while, at the same time, having a wide range of day-to-day services and social facilities right on their doorstep.

Just as with a traditional village, an ERL Retirement Village is a genuine community, offering numerous opportunities for residents to socialise and for like-minded people to pursue their common interests.

However – and this is a crucial difference between an ERL village and standard sheltered accommodation – if ‘doing you own thing’ is your preference, then it is equally possible to live a completely private lifestyle without feeling under any pressure to join in.

Nevertheless, with so much on offer, most residents will at some time or other take advantage of some aspect of it, be that simply a stroll round the landscaped grounds or taking part in one of the regular shared activities.

Located close to the centre of Ripon, The Red House is centred upon a sensitively-restored historic property in which residents will find a restaurant, a bar with big-screen TV, a library, a gym, a crafts room and a hair salon, as well as a lounge and drawing room, so however active or relaxed you feel, there is somewhere to suit your mood.

“Life at The Red House is excellent for anyone who wants to have more time for all the activities they have always been interested in,” said resident Sylvia . “No longer do I have to worry about finding time to do the garden, clean the gutters and sweep up the leaves – all a large part of my life before.”

Mr Young added: “Living at The Red House is like living with a large extended family. Both owners and staff quickly became our friends when we moved in. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

If this sounds like your idea of retirement living, call 01765 647312 to find out more.