The Red House, Ripon

First Rental Tenants at The Red House

26th September 2022

The Red House was excited to welcome their first rental tenant, Brian to the village. The process of renting allowed a swift and easy move allowing him to make the most of his retirement.

‘Considering moving from my home of 25 years was a huge decision, I couldn’t have been better advised by the staff at The Red House. They were professional and friendly and delivered on everything they promised. They patiently talked me through the pros and cons of purchasing a property versus rental. The rental option appealed as, for me and my circumstances, it gave me the flexibility I needed. The process of renting was very clear and straightforward and I was supported by The Red House Team throughout.’ – Brian, resident at The Red House

‘Knowing my father is happily settled at The Red House rather than isolated in a large remote house has given all the family peace of mind. A difficult transition was made pain-free by the highly professional and caring team at The Red House. It’s wonderful to see my father so enthusiastic about the considerable social opportunities now open to him at the village.’ – Brian’s daughter, Liane.

Why not see for yourself how renting at The Red House could benefit you just as it has for Brian and his family.